Blender Addon Quick Start Guide

The basic steps for getting started with Sortium in Blender.


  • Start by heading over to
  • Click Login/ Sign Up and follow the registration steps to create your Sortium account.

Generate API Key

  • Once registered, return to
  • Log in (if you are not already logged in) and select Generate API key.
  • Select Copy to Clipboard to save your API Key for the next steps.


  • Download the latest version of the addon from a trusted source.
  • In Blender, go to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons.
  • Click Install, select the downloaded file, and enable the addon.


  • Specify the Sortium backend URL (
  • Input your Sortium API Key
  • Adjust Asset Origin and Base Material options as needed.

Basic Usage

  • Select the desired objects in Blender for retexturing.
  • Use the addon's side menu to set retexture parameters and prompts for each material.
  • Click "Generate Texture" to apply new textures.