Dashboard Settings

Look for the Settings icon in your Toolbox to access several customizable Dashboard settings.

Display settings

  • Grid: Display or hide the dot grid in your workspace
  • Auto-rotate: Activates the automatic 360-degree turntable viewing mode.
  • Show Outling:Display or hide the Material Outline
  • Material Outline: Customize the color highlighting selected materials when generating prompts.

Texture Settings

  • Render Mode: Choose between PBR or Color
  • Roughness: can be applied in increments of 0.1 when PBR rendering is activated.

Environment Settings

Open the drop-down menu to choose from a selection of differently lit environments to apply to your workspace.

  • Strength: Increase or decrease the strength of the lighting from the environment.
  • Background: Display or hide the environment image.
  • Rotation: manually rotate the scene.
  • Reset to Default: resets all Display Settings to the default Sortium settings.