Rate Limits and Usage Quotas

To ensure optimal performance and fair usage for all users, the Sortium API enforces rate limits and usage quotas. Here, you will find detailed information on these limits, how they are applied, and how to plan your usage to stay within these parameters.

At Sortium API, we tailor our service to meet a diverse range of needs and scales. To achieve this, we offer different subscription plans, each with its own set of usage limits. Understanding these limits will help you select the plan that best fits your needs and manage your API usage more effectively.

Subscription Plans and Their Limits

Our subscription plans are designed to cater to everyone from individual developers to large enterprises. Below is a breakdown of the rate limits and usage quotas for each plan:

PlanCreditsMaterials per Generation


  1. Credits: Credits are the currency of our API usage. One credit equates to the generation of one texture. For instance, generating a material that includes 5 different textures will consume 5 credits from your quota. This system ensures that you only pay for what you use, providing both flexibility and control over your API consumption.

  2. Materials per Generation: This refers to the maximum number of materials that can be simultaneously modified in a single API request. For example, under the 'Lite' plan, you can modify one material per request, whereas the 'Master' plan allows for up to 10 materials per request. This feature is particularly useful for batch processing or handling complex projects that require multiple material modifications at once.

Managing Your Usage

To help you stay within your plan’s limits, we recommend:

  • Monitoring Your Usage: Keep track of your credit consumption through our dashboard. This will help you avoid unexpectedly reaching your limit and ensure a continuous workflow. You can review your current usage in our web app.
  • Understanding Your Needs: Evaluate your typical usage patterns. If you find yourself consistently nearing or exceeding your quota, consider upgrading to a higher plan for more flexibility.
  • Efficient Use of Credits: Plan your API calls strategically. For instance, batching modifications in a single request (as per your plan’s limit) can be more credit-efficient than multiple individual requests.

Plan Upgrade

If your needs exceed the limits of your current plan, upgrading is simple and immediate. Upgrading provides you with more credits and a higher capacity for materials per generation, ensuring that your workflow remains uninterrupted.

Go to the subscription page in our webapp to review and manage your plan.

You can also refill your account with extra credits at the balance page.

Further Assistance

Should you have any questions about our rate limits, or if you need advice on choosing the right plan, our support team is always here to assist. Contact us for personalized guidance and support.