Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Sortium community! Our shared space is designed to foster meaningful interactions, collaborations, and growth. To ensure the best possible experience for all members, we ask that you follow these community guidelines.

Engagement Guidelines

  1. Introduce Yourself: When you join, introduce yourself in the designated introduction channel. Share what brings you to Sortium, your interests, and how you hope to contribute to the community.

  2. Stay Relevant: Make sure your contributions are relevant to the channel topics and the purpose of the community. Off-topic discussions should be kept to designated channels.

  3. Use Search First: Before asking a question, use the search function to see if it has been answered previously. This helps reduce repetitive queries and keeps information easily accessible.

  4. Keep it Professional: While we encourage friendly interactions, remember that this is a professional community. Keep language, tone, and content appropriate for a diverse, professional audience.

  5. Constructive Conversations: Engage in discussions that contribute to the community's knowledge base. Challenge ideas in a respectful manner, and provide constructive feedback when necessary.

Content Guidelines

  1. Quality over Quantity: Strive to post content that is substantial and thought-provoking. Avoid posting for the sake of increasing your activity level.

  2. No Plagiarism: Only post content that you have the right to share and always give proper credit when referencing the work of others.

  3. Confidentiality: Do not share any confidential or proprietary information. Assume all discussions should remain within the community unless explicitly stated.

  4. Promotions: While we understand you may have products or services that could benefit the community, please refrain from unsolicited advertising. You may share such information if it's in direct response to a question or relevant to a discussion.

  5. File Sharing: When sharing files, ensure they are free of malware and respect copyright laws. Label any downloads clearly and concisely, so members understand what they are downloading.

Behavior Guidelines

  1. Respect Boundaries: Respect the personal and professional boundaries of all community members. Do not engage in any form of harassment.

  2. No Trolling or Flame Wars: Engaging in or inciting arguments, trolling, or personal attacks will not be tolerated.

  3. Language: Use language that is inclusive and appropriate for a diverse, global audience. Profanity and vulgar language are not permitted.

Moderation and Reporting

  1. Follow Moderator Instructions: Our moderators are here to help maintain a safe and productive environment. If they provide instructions or feedback, please follow their guidance.

  2. Report Inappropriate Behavior: If you encounter behavior that violates our guidelines or makes you feel uncomfortable, report it to the moderators immediately.

  3. Accountability: Members who violate community guidelines may be warned, have their content removed, or be removed from the community depending on the severity of the infraction.

Updates to Guidelines

Sortium reserves the right to update these guidelines as necessary to support a positive community environment. Changes will be communicated clearly and in advance whenever possible.

By joining and participating in the Sortium community, you agree to these guidelines and our collective success. We're excited to have you on board and look forward to your contributions!