Versioning and Updates

Stay informed about the latest changes and enhancements to the Sortium API. We cover our versioning policy, how we communicate updates, and guidelines for migrating to newer versions of the API.

Welcome to the Versioning and Updates section of the Sortium API documentation. Our commitment to providing a reliable and consistent API experience is reflected in our versioning strategy. This page outlines our approach to API versioning, how to stay informed about updates, and what these updates mean for you as a user.

Current API Version

Version 1 (v1)

The current version of the Sortium API is Version 1 (v1). This version is stable and encompasses all the features and functionalities currently documented.

Versioning Philosophy

Our approach to versioning is centered on stability and predictability. We understand that changes to the API can have significant impacts on your workflows and integrations. Therefore, our policy is to only introduce new versions when absolutely necessary, such as in the case of major changes that significantly alter the API's functionality, or if backward-incompatible changes are introduced.

What Constitutes a Major Change?

Major changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Changes that significantly alter the behavior of existing endpoints.
  • Introduction of new features that require backward-incompatible adjustments.
  • Significant restructuring or removal of existing endpoints.

Staying Updated

We recommend the following practices to stay informed about potential updates:

  • Regularly Check the Documentation: We update our documentation to reflect any changes or new additions. Regular review of the documentation ensures you are always informed about the current capabilities of the API.
  • Subscribe to Updates: We offer subscription options for our users to receive update notifications. This could be through newsletters, developer blogs, or a dedicated updates section on our platform.
  • Review Release Notes: For each update or new version, we provide detailed release notes. These notes include a summary of changes, new features, and any actions required on your part.

Backward Compatibility

In the event of a new version release:

  • Legacy Support: We are committed to maintaining backward compatibility with older versions for a reasonable period. This transitional support period allows you to adapt to the new version without immediate pressure.
  • Migration Guides: We provide comprehensive migration guides detailing how to transition from an older version to the new one. These guides include code samples, endpoint changes, and feature deprecations or additions.

Feedback and Suggestions

Your feedback is crucial to our continuous improvement. If you have suggestions, concerns, or feedback about our versioning approach or specific updates, please reach out to us through our support channels.