Upload an Asset

Sortium can enhance your projects with rich, customized textures by allowing you to upload and modify your own 3D assets. Follow these instructions to get started.

1: Log in to your account and access Your Sortium Dashboard

2: Locate the Tool Box on the right side of your workspace

3: Select the Upload Option

4: Finalize the Upload

• Once you have selected or dragged in your file, the tool will automatically start uploading.
• Wait for the upload to complete. A progress bar or notification will indicate when the upload is successful.

Tips for a Successful Upload

Before you upload, you should check your file for compatibility.

Sortium's web app currently supports uploads of .GLB or .glTF files with the following asset limits:

• Cameras: 0
• Materials: Maximum of 20
• Meshes: Maximum of 20
• Nodes: Maximum of 80
• Scenes: 1
• Textures: Maximum of 40
• File Size: Maximum of 120 MB

Please ensure that your asset meets these limits for a smooth upload experience.